This yeaŕs EY Global Information Security Survey 2018-19 (GISS) of more than 1,400 C-level cybersecurity and risk leaders examined the most urgent concerns about cybersecurity and efforts to manage them.

Key findings – on the negative side:

  • 87% of organizations operate with a limited budget to provide for the level of cybersecurity and resilience they require
  • The riskiest vulnerabilities are careless/unaware employees (34%), outdated security controls (26%), unauthorized access (13%) and related to cloud-computing use (10%)
  • Among organizations that have been hit by an incident over the past year, only 31% say the compromise was discovered by their security center

On the positive side:

  • 70% of all organizations say their senior leadership has a comprehensive understanding of security or is taking positive steps to improve their understanding
  • 77% are seeking to move beyond basic cybersecurity protections and toward fine-tuning their capabilities using advanced technologies like A.I. and robotic process automation

While emerging technologies have created new possibilities, they also created new vulnerabilities and threats – so experts say that cybersecurity needs to be embedded in the DNA of the organization as well as its overall business strategy.

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